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The IHRSA Advocate 

The IHRSA Advocate is your guide to knowing and understanding the policies that influence daily health club operations. We analyze the action, so you know when to take your own. The IHRSA Advocate is sent bi-weekly to IHRSA Members only.


The Pulse

Includes the latest in industry news, marketing tips, resources to help you run your business, updates about IHRSA benefits and more. The Pulse is sent monthly to IHRSA Club Members Only in three versions: The Pulse - United States, The Pulse - Asia Pacific and The Pulse - Canada.


Europe Insight

Focused on European industry news as well as industry best practices and resources to help you run your business. Europe Insight is sent monthly to IHRSA Club Members only.


The Edge

Includes the latest in industry news, resources to help you grow your business, updates about IHRSA benefits and more. The Edge is sent monthly to IHRSA Supplier Members only.


IHRSA Business Report

Straight from the desk of IHRSA President and CEO, Joe Moore, a regular email covering the hottest topics in the fitness industry.


CBI News

Includes highlights from the current issue of CBI Magazine. CBI News is sent monthly.


Health Benefits of Exercise Report

Summary of the most recent findings on the health benefits of exercise and links to download resources to assist you in sharing the information with your club community. Health Benefits of Exercise Report is sent bi-weekly to IHRSA Members only.


IHRSA Research News

A monthly summary of the latest industry research complete with expert analysis to help your increase your business profitability. Available to members and non-members. IHRSA Research News is sent monthly.

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