ReConnect the World to Well-Being

“ReConnect” is the result of a ground-breaking project to combine the latest research from the field of behavioral design with some of the fitness industry’s foremost marketing minds. 

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The goal was to create a simple message about physical activity that could unite the industry and resonate with the entire global community: individuals that visited a health club or studio 5 days/week prior to COVID-19, those that have been sedentary for years, and everyone in between.  


Although “ReConnect” originated with the IHRSA Foundation and the IHRSA Industry Messaging Headlight Team, we know we can’t make a meaningful impact alone. We will be freely sharing marketing assets with all IHRSA members and industry allies who are excited to embrace the message and join our efforts to help the world “ReConnect” to  wellbeing.


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This is a really different approach.

Typically you’d be with an ad or creative agency doing this type of work, but we’re not looking for a one-off advertising campaign. We’re looking for something that the industry can get behind which will encourage, support and keep people in fitness, and ultimately help them have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Anna Henwood
Anna Henwood
Chief Marketing Officer | Les Mills International

Meet the Industry Messaging Headlight Team

A volunteer group made up of IHRSA staff and marketing professionals from IHRSA Member Companies.

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsAnnie

Annie Appel
Senior Executive VP
The Bay Club Company

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsAmy

Amy Bantham, DrPH
Move to Live More

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsKari

Kari Bedgood
Chief Marketing Officer
Active Wellness

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsSurya

Surya Cox
Head of Marketing

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsGreg

Greg Dowd
Chief Executive Officer
ROR Partners

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsMcCall

McCall Gosselin
Senior VP, Communications & Social Responsibility
Planet Fitness

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsKelly

Kelly Groehler
Interim Head, Communications & Public Affairs
Self Esteem Brands, LLC

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsPriscilla

Priscilla Hagstrom
VP, Marketing & Communications
Cooper Aerobics

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsAnna

Anna Henwood
Chief Marketing Officer
Les Mills International

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsKevin

Kevin Keith
Chief Brand Officer
Orangetheory Fitness

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsCarrie

Carrie Kepple
Owner & CEO
Styles Studios Fitness & Chair, IHRSA Board of Directors

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsJake

Jake McCabe
VP of Marketing
Genesis Health Clubs

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsBlair

Blair McHaney
President & CEO

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsJustin

Justin Tamsett
Managing Director
Active Management

ReConnect Headlight Team_landingpage headshotsChad

Chad Waetzig
EVP of Marketing & Branding
Crunch Fitness




The idea of using behavioral design and psychology to develop this campaign makes a lot of sense. 

What we’re talking about here is not the need to convince people of the importance of fitness, most Americans have heard that message over and over and over. What is important is to help motivate people to actually start to change their behavior.

Chad Waetzig 2017 Headshot
Chad Waetzig
EVP of Marketing & Branding | Crunch Fitness

You can use the ReConnect message in many different ways.

This video is just one-way gyms can use ReConnect to reengage with their members. 

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