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The National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA) is working with individuals, business owners, and community partners in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., to help pass the GYMS Act (H.R. 890/S.1613). The bill would provide federal grants to fitness facilities across the country struggling to recover from state-ordered closures and operating restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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One-click campaigns have generated over 550,000 messages since the start of the pandemic and have helped to generate almost 100 congressional cosponsors for the GYMS Act and counting! Add your voice.

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Club operators delivering first-person accounts of the pandemic's impact drives Congressional support. Share your story. Push your representatives to take action.



Virtual meetings with congressional members foster long-term relationships between fitness industry constituents and their reps. It's hard to ignore the dire situation facing our industry when we connect in person.

One-click campaign
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What’s in the GYMS Act?

If passed, the GYMS Act (Gyms Mitigation and Survival Act) will create a $30 billion fund to provide grants to affected businesses in the health and fitness industry. A sample of expenses the grant would cover include:

  • Payroll costs
  • Rent or mortgage payments, including interest
  • Utilities
  • Interest on debt accrued before February 15, 2020 taxes
  • Payments required for insurance on any insurance policy costs required under any State, local, or Federal law or guideline related to social distancing
  • And more

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Track the GYMS Act Progress.
Go to the NHFA dashboard to see the most up-to-date sponsor count and find even more ways to stay involved in the effort to pass the GYMS Act. Access the GYMS Act Dashboard

Track the GYMS Act Progress.
Go to the GYMS Act Dashboard for the most up-to-date information on the GYMS Act.

Building a Powerful Movement

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Persistent efforts by NHFA and our partners have generated over 550,000 actions on behalf of the health and fitness industry across all 50 states.

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We’ve rallied support from over 100,000 participants including club members, fitness professionals, club owners, medical experts, industry partners, and more!



The united actions of the health and fitness industry have resulted in nearly 100 congressional sponsors supporting the relief our industry desperately needs. 

The Devastating Impact of COVID-19 on the Health & Fitness Industry

million jobs lost

Fitness professionals have lost their jobs (44% of jobs in the industry).


billion revenue loss

In lost revenue through December 2020, that's a 58% decline from 2019.


of clubs close

Permanently closed as of December 2020.


small gyms may fail

According to a January survey, fewer than 50% of small gyms and fitness studios expect to survive through 2021 without federal support.

According to data released by Yelp, gyms and fitness facilities currently face higher closure rates than nearly any other industry, including restaurants and bars.

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