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Kander, Diana

Diana Kander

Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Innovation Consultant

Competing on Value Instead of Price

Wednesday, October 13
10:15am - 11:30am

Diana is the New York Times Bestselling Author of All In Startup, a novel outlining lessons for launching successful products through the story of a struggling entrepreneur competing in the World Series of Poker.

Diana Kander and her family escaped from the Soviet Union when she was 8 years old. By the time she was an American citizen, she had perfected her skills as an entrepreneur-selling flea market goods to grade school classmates at a markup. Diana is a serial entrepreneur and former professor of entrepreneurship in the MBA program at the University of Missouri.

Today, Diana is a keynote speaker and innovation coach for Fortune 1000 companies. She advises corporate boards and executives on managing innovation and trains employees to think more like entrepreneurs.

Diana lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her high school sweetheart and husband, Jason, and their awesome son, True.

*Fun fact about Diana: As research for her latest book, The Curiosity Muscle, Diana tore her oblique muscle, but did master an 11.5 minute plank!

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Cooper_Ken (1)

Kenneth H. Cooper

M.D., MPH, Founder and Chairman, Cooper Aerobics

Preventive Medicine: It’s More Beneficial & Cost Effective to Prevent Disease Than it is to Find a Cure

Thursday, October 14
8:30am - 9:45am

For 50 years, Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH has inspired millions to exercise for good health with the release of his first best-seller Aerobics. Today Dr. Cooper is revolutionizing health and fitness again—calling on America and the world to  Get Cooperized. As a leading pioneer of preventive medicine, Dr. Cooper challenges everyone to follow these “8 Healthy Steps” to live better both sooner and later: maintain a healthy weight; make healthy food choices most of the time; exercise most days of the week; take the right supplements for you; do not use tobacco; control alcohol; manage stress; get a regular, comprehensive physical exam.

Recognized as the leader of the international physical fitness movement and credited with motivating more people to exercise in pursuit of good health than any other person, Dr. Cooper has long advocated moving the field of medicine away from disease treatment to disease prevention. The Cooper philosophy, “It is easier to maintain good health through proper exercise, diet, and emotional balance than to regain it once it is lost,” has been proven valid in scientific research.


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Scott Stratten

Best-Selling Author, and President, UnMarketing

The Age of Disruption: Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different

Friday, October 15
8:30am - 9:45am

As the ultimate sales and marketing truth slayer, Scott helps organizations see their business through a new lens with his unconventional “unmarketing” views and vanguard approach to building and maintaining real customer relationships.

As the president of Un-Marketing, he has transformed how corporations like PepsiCo, Century 21, Fidelity and Microsoft do business with radical insights on how to engage better with customers through social and viral marketing. Named a top 5 social media power influencer by, Scott elevates the conversation by putting the focus back on what matters most to current and potential buyers, values like trust, authenticity, relationships and service. In 2018, Scott was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

Drawing from his experience as a marketing industry innovator and the author of four best-selling business books, he convinces audiences to look at the big picture, which is about creating loyal, repeat customers who become brand evangelists because they genuinely love the goods or services you provide. With humor, passion and candor, Scott blends real world strategies with memorable stories that will completely change the way you market and sell, for the better.


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