Best-selling Author, Paralympian


One More Thing, One More Time

Wednesday, March 18

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Josh’s presentation blends clean stand-up comedy with soulful storytelling. Experience a roller-coaster ride of laughter, tears, chills, and still more laughter. Learn from Josh on key objectives such as resilience during times of change, maintaining humor in stressful situations, and planning for the future with an expanded vision of what is possible.


Josh’s life story is a reminder of how all our stories are interconnected, how even our smallest actions and decisions impact the world around us. Walk away with a fresh perspective on everything you have to be grateful for, with resolve to overcome personal and professional challenges, and with a commitment to do “1MT1MT” to reach your fullest potential.



Josh Sundquist is a comedian, author, and paralympian. At a young age, Josh was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, resulting in the amputation of his left leg.


After doctors declared Josh cured of the disease, he took up ski racing. In 2006, he was named to the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team. Now he represents the U.S. in international competition as a member of the U.S. Amputee Soccer Team.


Josh is also an internet sensation, has collaborated with famous brands, such as Chevrolet and Chase Bank, has appeared on CNN, NPR, among others, and has authored several national best-selling books.



CBI December 2019

Author, Paralympic athlete, and IHRSA 2020 keynote speaker Josh Sundquist says that success requires doing "one more thing, one more time."





Best-selling Author, and President, UnMarketing


UnSelling: The New Customer Experience

Thursday, March 19

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Change the way you sell by rethinking about business. Drawing from his experience as a marketing industry innovator and the author of four best-selling business books, Scott Stratten convinces audiences to look at the big picture, which is about creating loyal, repeat customers who become brand evangelists because they genuinely love the goods or services you provide. Scott will teach you to become the go-to business before your clients and members even need you!


With humor, passion, and candor, Scott blends real-world strategies with memorable stories that will completely change the way you market and sell—for the better.



As the ultimate sales and marketing truth slayer, Scott Stratten helps organizations see their business through a new lens with his unconventional “unmarketing” views and vanguard approach to building and maintaining real customer relationships. 


As the president of UnMarketing, he has transformed how corporations like PepsiCo, Century 21, Fidelity, and Microsoft do business with radical insights on how to engage better with customers through social and viral marketing. Named a top 5 social media power influencer by, Scott elevates the conversation by putting the focus back on what matters most to current and potential buyers, values like trust, authenticity, relationships, and service. Scott is also the author of four best-selling books.



CBI January 2020

Business provocateur Scott Stratten will insist, during his IHRSA 2020 keynote address, that to progress you need to unlearn what you know.






Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur


Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day

Friday, March 20

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James Clear’s sessions are one-part storytelling, one-part academic research, and one-part personal experiment, forming a colorful blend of inspirational stories, academic science, and hard-earned wisdom. 


During the session, you will learn about small habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement with the use of identity and motivation. James will show you how to create a tangible system to get 1% better every day, and break bad habits in order to stick to the good ones. He will help you discover how to avoid the common mistakes most people make when changing habits, and overcome a lack of motivation and willpower.



James Clear is a personal development keynote speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Atomic Habits. James doesn’t merely report the research of others. He tries out the concepts for himself as he experiments with building better habits as an entrepreneur, writer, and weightlifter. 


He is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies and his work has been used by teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Through his online course, The Habits Academy, Clear has taught more than 10,000 leaders, managers, coaches, and teachers how to improve.




Futurist, Technology Strategist, Author


Imagine the Future

Saturday, March 21

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How is technology directly impacting the way you do business and the way your customers view your business? In this session, Crystal Washington will identify the significant ways in which technology is changing human beings and everyday business. Crystal will help you discover how technology is impacting the job market and your customers' communication preferences and needs.


Through tangible examples of the impact of tech on the business world, Crystal will help you gain a better understanding of generational differences and technology preferences for increased team participation and client acquisition. Most importantly, uncover what you should do now that is right for your business to get ahead of the curve and thrive!



Crystal Washington is a technology strategist and certified futurist. Crystal takes complex topics on social media, apps, and the web, and makes them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people. 


Crystal’s clients comprise Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Microsoft, and GE. She has appeared in numerous publications including Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Forbes, and is regularly called on by major television networks as a tech expert. 

Crystal is the author of the books One Tech Action and The Social Media Why.



CBI February 2020

Futurist Crystal Washington will demystify apps, the web, and social media when she challenges attendees to "Imagine the Future" during IHRSA 2020.



"Simple: 'You must go ... if you want to grow!' To go is a must ... to leave the competition in the dust."

— Freddy Reyes, World Fitness Centers in San Juan, Puerto Rico


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