When advocating for the fitness industry, IHRSA state fact sheets provide insightful data that health and fitness businesses can bring to lawmakers.

How Gyms Keep America Physically & Fiscally Fit by State [FACT SHEETS]

Need to get a conversation started with your representative, local lawmaker, or state official? IHRSA state fact sheets provide the talking points you need to advocate for your business, the fitness industry, and the importance of exercise. Each fact sheet gives detailed explanations of health club operations for all 50 states and D.C.

We recommend club operators use these fact sheets to educate their local lawmakers on the positive impact health clubs and fitness businesses have on their state’s physical and fiscal well-being.

Numerous health clubs and fitness industry businesses across the country have used these fact sheets to educate policymakers on:

  • Why health clubs need relief,
  • How financial incentives for active lifestyles could help communities,
  • The economic and health damage caused by imposing new or increased sales taxes, and
  • Several other industry issues.

These fact sheets can provide vital information to local health officials if another pandemic or shutdown happens in the future. To ensure health and fitness facilities remain open—especially during a time when health and immunity are indispensable—the IHRSA state fact sheets emphasize all the benefits that fitness facilities provide to local communities and stress that clubs should be essential.

These state fact sheets were last updated November 2020 and use pre-pandemic membership and employment data.

How Gyms Keep America Physically & Fiscally Fit by State

“Lawmakers take actions every day that affect health club operations. By presenting legislators with information that reinforces the positive impact health clubs have on the quality of life, employment, and tax revenue in state and local communities, IHRSA members can raise further awareness that supports physical activity and health clubs as forces of good.”

—Helen Durkin, IHRSA Executive Vice President of Public Policy