About the NHFA

The National Health & Fitness Alliance (“NHFA”) was created to unite the advocacy, public affairs, stakeholder engagement, fundraising and lobbying efforts of the health and fitness industry in the United States.

A Voice for the Industry

The NHFA drives successful health and fitness lobbying in Washington, D.C., including legislation to provide the industry with relief from the economic harm caused by mandated COVID-19 protocols.


Protection from Threats

We’re on the ground in all 50 states working hand-in-hand with community organizations and fitness businesses to protect the industry from harmful legislation and promote a competitive business environment.


Building a

We’re uniting the industry to loudly proclaim and demonstrate the essential role our industry plays in addressing the epidemics of obesity, physical inactivity, and preventable chronic disease; and improving mental health.

A Community-Driven Alliance

The National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA) is a broad-based, open-platform, community-driven alliance. We bring together thought leaders and change makers from a variety of fields and disciplines to do something important for the promotion of health and fitness, including:

  • Fitness Professionals
  • Health Clubs, Gyms, and Studios
  • Consumer Fitness Brands
  • Allied Organizations
  • Private Equity
  • Industry Partners

We welcome and invite all health and fitness industry stakeholders to connect to the NHFA community.


The NHFA Advisory Council

The NHFA and its Advisory Council seek to unite and build on advocacy and lobbying efforts to represent and protect every sector of the U.S. fitness industry.

gale landers
Gale Landers
Interim Chairperson, NHFA Advisory Council
Founder & CEO, Fitness Formula Clubs
Vicki Brick
CEO, Brick Bodies
ori gorfine
Ori Gorfine
COO, US Fitness Holdings
erik lindseth
Erik Lindseth
General Counsel, Life Time, Inc.
kevin mchugh
Kevin McHugh
COO, The Atlantic Clubs
pete moore
Pete Moore
Managing Partner, Integrity Square | HaloTalks
Rodney L Steven II
Owner, Genesis Health Clubs
debra strougo frohlich
Debra Strougo Frohlich
Founder, Row House
jim worthington
Jim Worthington
Owner/President and CEO, Newtown Athletic Club
adam zeitsiff-2
Adam Zeitsiff
President & CEO, Intelivideo, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the NHFA funded?

The NHFA is funded by a portion of IHRSA membership dues, donations from IHRSA Industry Partners, and contributions from a broad base of industry allies and stakeholders.

Do you have to be a member of IHRSA to participate in the NHFA?

No. IHRSA membership is not required for participation in the NHFA. Any individual or organization interested in supporting the health and fitness industry is welcomed to participate.

Is NHFA a part of IHRSA or a separate organization?

IHRSA provides the NHFA with operational capacity, financial support generated from IHRSA membership dues, and oversight from the IHRSA Board of Directors. The NHFA is guided by the NHFA Advisory Council, which makes budget proposals and policy recommendations to the IHRSA Board of Directors.

How is the NHFA different from the former Industry Leadership Council?

The Industry Leadership Council focused on pooling together funding from IHRSA Club & Industry Partner Members to support health club lobbying efforts. The NHFA vision is broader and more inclusive of industry stakeholders, recognizing the power in uniting a dynamic community of interconnected interests to impact the future of the health and fitness industry.

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