PHIT would save your members 20-30% of their fitness-related expenses. The Get PHIT Toolkit will help you educate your members about the importance of passing this legislation. 

Increase Awareness and Generate Excitement for PHIT 

The Get PHIT Toolkit will help your staff educate health club members about the importance of passing PHIT, The Personal Health Investment Today Act, federal legislation that would allow consumers to use pre-tax accounts like Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) to pay for fitness expenses such as health club memberships. Currently, the IRS code only allows these accounts to be utilized for medical expenses. If passed, individuals and families would save 20-30% on fitness expenses.

The campaign to #PassPHIT began on March 1, 2017 when the bill was introduced in both the House and the Senate in the 115th Congress. Now is the time to educate your staff and members how they'll benefit from PHIT, so that they'll be ready to add their voices to generate support for the bill in Congress.

Once you download the Get PHIT Toolkit, you’ll have several ready-to-use resources, including:

  • The case for club owners, consumers, and members of Congress to pass PHIT.
  • Resources to educate consumers about how they'll save money if PHIT is passed.
  • Answers to common questions about PHIT. 

Spread the Word About PHIT with Our Handy Toolkit.