IHRSA works around-the-clock to Grow, Promote and Protect the industry!

IHRSA works to Grow (the amount of people exercising), Promote (the industry as the solution to inactivity) and Protect (your business and bottom-line from harmful legislation and taxes). IHRSA is and has been extremely successful in these efforts thanks to the generous support and leadership of the Industry Leadership Council (ILC). The ILC is a leadership group whose mission is to fund IHRSA's advocacy efforts.

To learn more about the ILC and IHRSA's advocacy efforts, please download the ILC Report by completing the information at right.

Should you choose to support IHRSA's Grow, Promote, Protect efforts with a financial contribution, you will become a member of the Industry Leadership Council and will be eligible for excusive ILC Member benefits to include the ILC Experience at the annual IHRSA Convention.