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As part of your Institute package, you will receive the following research and management publications valued at over $800. Institute faculty reference these resources during their courses and they will serve as references for you long after The Institute has ended.  


Global ReportThe 2019 IHRSA Global Report

Comprehensive industry overview, including input from several industry leaders from independent clubs, large club chains, club associations, and federations.



Profiles of SuccessIHRSA 2018 Profiles of Success

Detailed information about health and fitness club benchmarks and other aspects of club performance, including membership growth & traffic, facility reinvestment, financial statement data, and more.



The 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer ReportThe 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report

Detailed insight into the participation trends of both member and non-member consumers in U.S. health club facilities.




One Million StrongIHRSA One Million Strong

The report reviews retention measures and examines member retention, attrition, duration, and sales trends by gender, age group, country (U.S. and Canada), and club type (chain and independent). Sponsored by Life Fitness



IHRSA Health Club Business HandbookIHRSA Health Club Business Handbook – Executive Summary

Designed to help club owners, managers, and investors understand the market conditions in which clubs operate in order to help their businesses succeed.



IHRSA Employee CompensationThe 2019 IHRSA Health Club Employee Compensation and Benefits Report – Executive Summary

Overview and analysis of the latest compensation practices for salaried and part-time health club positions.




IHRSA_2017_equipment_report_club_operator_coverIHRSA Health Club Equipment Report - Club Operator Edition

In-depth analysis and insights on health club equipment practices. Topics covered include space allocation, spending, replacement cycles, units in operation, and utilization in training programs. Sponsored by Precor



IHRSA Fitness Training ReportThe IHRSA Fitness Training Report

This report helps club operators better understand personal and small group training clients, with a special focus on demographic analysis. Key findings as well as infographic insights are provided in the report.



Building Wellness Programs in Your Health ClubBuilding Wellness Programs in Your Health Club

This toolkit will provide you with resources to assess the needs of your community, strategies for designing and marketing programs, best practices for implementing successful programs, and tips for evaluating the outcomes.



How To Run a Community Outreach InitiativeHow To Run a Community Outreach Initiative

Community outreach programs can differentiate your club, attract and keep members, and give your staff a sense of purpose among other benefits. This e-book will give you tips and tools for developing your programs.



Getting Kids Active in the School & CommunityGetting Kids Active in the School & Community

Educating children on the importance of developing good habits now is critical to ensure a healthy future. This e-book will help you understand how children’s programming could benefit your club, determine how to best staff your children’s programs, and learn from case studies of clubs with thriving children’s programming.


Leveraging Nutrition Expertise at Your Health ClubLeveraging Nutrition Expertise at Your Health Club

If you’re wondering how you can start a nutrition program of your own, this e-book will help you determine if your club would benefit from employing a nutrition expert, find and hire the right nutrition professional, build a successful nutrition program, and learn best practices from real-life case studies

Talent Acquisition 101: A Hiring Guide for Health ClubsTalent Acquisition 101: A Hiring Guide for Health Clubs

Hiring health club staff is one of the most important decisions you make. The people you choose to represent your brand and execute your business plan can make or break your club. With this guide, you will learn how to hire and keep superstar employees at your club.


Streamline Your Strategic PlanStreamline Your Strategic Plan

Health club owners have to contend with a wide set of variables, making a solid strategic plan for what you can control that much more valuable. This e-book will look at ways to build your strategic plan, drawing on the experience of successful health club operators who have created an established presence in this often volatile industry.


“The IHRSA Institute has sent me home with an overflowing brain and so many things I will be implementing in the future. It was great to bounce ideas off colleagues, hear what is and isn't working for other facilities, and learn from a very experienced panel. Everyone should attend The Institute at least once!"

— Ali Granryd, Castle Hill Fitness


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