Discover Los Angeles at IHRSA 2017!

The 36th Annual IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show in Los Angeles isn’t just a one-of-a-kind education and networking opportunity.

It’s also a fantastic way to explore one of the most exciting, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Even if you’ve been to LA before, in a city this lively, there is always something new to see.

Come for IHRSA, stay for LA.


Sport's Fan Paradise

Staples Center, located less than a block from the Los Angeles Convention Center (where the IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show will be held), is home to the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Spark, and Kings. Make your trip a slam-dunk by catching a game.


Cosmopolitan Cuisine

LA is known for its dynamic culinary scene. Whether you’re in the mood for an oceanfront patio, a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a great little taco truck, LA has exciting options for every palette.


Vibrant Arts & Culture Scene

Film and television aren’t LA’s only artistic pursuits. The city is home to more than 705 professional musical acts, 24 professional dance companies, 54 annual film festivals, and 105 museums. Visit the stunning Getty Center in Brentwood or Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Museum Row.

There’s So Much More!

There’s no better way to combine work and play than by attending IHRSA 2017 in Los Angeles. 

Visit discoverlosangeles.com for more information.

“I'm new to the fitness club industry and attending IHRSA 2016 gave me a definite edge over competitors in my area by supplying me with the latest knowledge and trends to help my club be the most successful it can be. I'm absolutely blown away by the professionalism of the IHRSA organization.”

- Kyle Whitmire, So Fit LLC

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